What I do

Video Production

[noun: filmmaking, videography, video creation]

From scripting to storyboarding, and filming to editing. I am literally a one-stop shop for video production.


Corporate video

From filming interviews with key stakeholders to promotional b-roll and product videos I cover a wide range of video services to help your brand and spokespeople stand out. Whether that’s on social media, your company website or as part of an internal campaign I can deliver professional videos to meet your objectives.

Video tours

If you’re in real estate or property management, I produce beautiful, slick, well edited videos to really show off the rooms, architecture and facilities of a property. Covering residential filming that really sells or detailed office inductions, my engaging videos can really bring your four walls to life.

YouTube/TikTok series filming

A way to really push your messaging and show your audience what you offer is to create regular video content for your audience. I have been creating video series’ content for over 15 years and an an expert in developing content and video SEO strategies to extend the reach of your business or topic area. I use the latest styles and filming techniques to tell your story and push your agenda; wether that’s “how-to” videos, product review videos or a video interview series.

Event coverage

Got a client event, THE industry event of the year or big, blow out party coming up? Want to commemorate that as a video? Then look no further. Reportage video covering the event will show viewers what it’s like to attend your dos. From cinematic coverage of your guests having a good time to interviews putting in their words what happened; a video will make sure it’s a date to remember.

Video testimonials

Need to canvas opinion? Do you have customers giving feedback but want to add a voice to their words? Then testimonial interviews are the best way to do it. Expertly shot and recorded video interviews with professional lighting and sound will make sure every word is heard and every emotion shown to really sell the brand or topic being discussed.

Motion graphics and animation

You may already have some footage shot but need a clever way to present it to your audience. You may need a logo animation or bespoke intro bumper created for your brand or business. Animated explainers, intros and logos go a long way to cut through the noise.

Video editing

Modern life means we have a lot of footage on other devices and in the archives waiting to be stitched together and brought to life. I offer straight forward editing options to turn those clips into a masterpiece, adding music and titles to really lift those movies.


As with my video content I create professional headshots, product images, event and business photographs. Using over 15 years experience in producing imagery that is engaging with your audience.

Photo editing

Do you have some images created but they don’t quite pop they way they should? Then I can assist in reworking and editing to bring the assets to life. Using tools like Photoshop and Lightroom to enhance and refocus your photos.